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photos of some work while in process or finished.  Get your finished job by phoning me (612) 245-1624

Needed to use the space more effectively so adding cabinets were effective while still using some of the old exsisting wire shelving

Rocks/RockLaundryStorage.JPG Rocks/RockLaundry.JPG Rocks/RockCloset.JPG

removed water damaged studs & reused siding we could

SullivanWindowJob/SullivanCeilingFan1.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanCeilingFan.jpg SullivanWindowJob/SullivanCeilingFan2.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall1.JPG
SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall7.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall6.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall5.JPG
SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall4.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall3.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall2.JPG SullivanWindowJob/SullivanWindowInstall9.JPG

Mr. Sullivan wanted the can lights removed and ceiling fans installed in their place - done!   He also wanted a pass-through window by the range like the one I installed by the kitchen sink about a year ago.  After making the plan and getting it all together about a day and a half later it was done this Feb 2008.
Click on the photos to enlarge them please 

MiscPhotos/HollysBathroomFinished.JPG MiscPhotos/HollysBathroom1.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_6045.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_6032.JPG
MiscPhotos/IMG_5646.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_5374.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_5338.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_5303.JPG
MiscPhotos/IMG_5120.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_5110.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_4721.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_4720.JPG
MiscPhotos/IMG_3086.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_1555.JPG MiscPhotos/IMG_0355.JPG

Kirkendalls/IM001767.JPG Kirkendalls/IM001768.JPG Kirkendalls/IM001769.JPG Kirkendalls/IM001770.JPG
Kirkendalls/IM001771.JPG Kirkendalls/im001772.JPG

Fortunately there were outlets on top of both ends of the mantel - so that was fortunate.  Couldn't hang the mirror in the center because had just painted the wall.  Put a dimmer switch on the left side with an outlet just below it.   Turned out nice for about 13 hours of work.  Thanks to the Kirkendalls!  Click on photos to make 'em larger.

Striped this in July 2007

LibauerElectrical/YouWouldNeverKnowUntilTheFire.JPG LibauerElectrical/PowerHereToOffice.JPG LibauerElectrical/OfficeNewFromLivingroom.JPG LibauerElectrical/NoUglyStripOnTheWall.JPG
LibauerElectrical/NoSoMuchDamage4Progress.JPG LibauerElectrical/DaDAAA.JPG

Wanted to add electrical in the office - pulled it from livingroom.  In the other room shortened the powerstrip that is attacted to the wall.

Built a playhouse for young Oliver, some gates, a grate so nobody falls into the window well (also added electricity between the windows).  Click the link to hear from Holly and clic on the photos to enlarge 'em

Hear Holly's message

HollysGate/GreatGate.jpg HollysGate/OliverPlayHouse2.jpg HollysGate/HollyGate.jpg HollysGate/HollysGate.JPG
HollysGate/HollysGateandSandbox.JPG HollysGate/HollysGate2.JPG HollysGate/HollysGate1.JPG

GarageJob/IMG4358.JPG GarageJob/IMG4357.JPG GarageJob/IMG4322.JPG GarageJob/IMG4319.JPG
GarageJob/IMG4316.JPG GarageJob/IMG4315.JPG GarageJob/IMG4313.JPG GarageJob/IMG4311.JPG

Brightend up laundry with paint, cabinets, shelving